2 Full Days Speed Reading Training Course for High School Students: “High School Reading Intensive: Two-Day Journey to Speed Reading Proficiency”

Welcome to the “High School Reading Intensive: Two-Day Journey to Speed Reading Proficiency” course, designed specifically for high school students eager to enhance their reading skills. In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to read quickly and effectively is a valuable asset, enabling students to absorb vast amounts of information efficiently. Over the next two days, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of speed reading techniques, strategies, and mindset shifts to empower you to read faster while maintaining comprehension.

Throughout this intensive training, you will delve into the fundamentals of speed reading, uncovering techniques that will revolutionize your approach to tackling texts. From mastering the art of skimming and scanning to refining your eye movement patterns, each aspect of speed reading will be meticulously addressed to unlock your full reading potential. Moreover, we will delve into the psychology behind reading habits, understanding how mindset and motivation play crucial roles in your journey towards speed reading proficiency.

Moreover, this course goes beyond mere speed, emphasizing the importance of comprehension and retention in conjunction with increased reading velocity. You will learn how to strike the delicate balance between speed and understanding, equipping you with the tools to digest complex information with ease. Through interactive exercises, personalized feedback, and practical applications, you will emerge from this two-day intensive with newfound confidence and competence in your reading abilities, ready to tackle academic challenges and beyond with efficiency and precision. Welcome to the beginning of your journey to speed reading mastery!


1. Understand the fundamentals of speed reading, including techniques such as chunking and minimizing subvocalization.

2. Learn how to effectively skim and scan texts to extract key information quickly.

3. Develop strategies to improve reading comprehension while maintaining speed.

4. Practice eye movement exercises to enhance reading speed and peripheral vision.

5. Identify personal reading habits and areas for improvement through self-assessment activities.

6. Explore methods for increasing reading speed without sacrificing comprehension.

7. Engage in timed reading exercises to track progress and set achievable goals.

8. Learn how to prioritize reading material and allocate time efficiently.

9. Discover techniques for handling different types of texts, from academic articles to fiction.

10. Cultivate concentration skills to minimize distractions and maintain focus during reading sessions.

11. Explore the role of mindset and motivation in developing speed reading proficiency.

12. Understand the benefits of active reading techniques, such as annotation and summarization.

13. Practice reading complex passages aloud to improve fluency and speed.

14. Learn how to adjust reading speed based on the nature and purpose of the material.

15. Explore digital tools and resources that can aid in speed reading practice and skill development.

16. Create a personalized action plan for continued improvement beyond the two-day training course.

In conclusion, the “High School Reading Intensive: Two-Day Journey to Speed Reading Proficiency” course has provided a transformative experience for all participants, equipping you with the skills and strategies necessary to become proficient speed readers. Over the past two days, we’ve explored various techniques, from minimizing subvocalization to enhancing peripheral vision, and delved into the psychology behind effective reading habits. Through practice, perseverance, and personalized guidance, you have made significant strides towards reading faster while maintaining comprehension.

As you leave this course, remember that speed reading is a skill that requires ongoing practice and refinement. Continuously apply the techniques and strategies you’ve learned here to your everyday reading tasks, and don’t hesitate to revisit the materials provided for further reinforcement. Additionally, stay attuned to your mindset and motivation, as they are key drivers of success in your journey towards speed reading mastery.

Finally, I encourage you to embrace the possibilities that your newfound speed reading proficiency unlocks. Whether it’s excelling in your academic pursuits, devouring books for pleasure, or staying abreast of current events, your enhanced reading skills will undoubtedly serve you well in all aspects of life. Congratulations on completing this intensive course, and I wish you continued success and growth in your reading endeavors. Remember, the journey to speed reading proficiency is not a sprint but a marathon—so keep reading, keep learning, and keep accelerating towards your goals.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM

Fees: S$889.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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