60 Minutes Speed Reading Training Course for Advanced Placement (AP): “AP Express: Turbocharge Your Reading Skills in Just an Hour”

Welcome to “AP Express: Turbocharge Your Reading Skills in Just an Hour”! This specialized 60 Minutes Speed Reading Training Course for Advanced Placement (AP) is designed to equip students with the essential tools to enhance their reading capabilities for success in advanced academic settings. In today’s fast-paced educational environment, the ability to quickly absorb and comprehend large volumes of information is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re preparing for AP exams, tackling challenging course materials, or simply striving to become a more efficient reader, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

Throughout this course, participants will embark on a transformative journey aimed at maximizing their reading potential. We’ll delve into proven techniques and strategies specifically curated to boost reading speed without compromising comprehension. From mastering the art of skimming and scanning to refining critical thinking skills while reading rapidly, each aspect of our curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower students to excel in their academic endeavors. Moreover, our focus extends beyond mere speed, emphasizing the cultivation of effective time management habits to optimize reading efficiency during exams and assessments.

Led by experienced educators well-versed in the intricacies of AP-level curriculum, “AP Express” offers a dynamic learning environment where students can engage with peers and instructors alike. Through interactive exercises, real-time feedback, and personalized guidance, participants will not only witness immediate improvements in their reading abilities but also develop a lasting foundation for continued growth. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to reading and unlock your full academic potential with “AP Express: Turbocharge Your Reading Skills in Just an Hour”!


1. Enhance Reading Speed: Increase reading speed by at least 50% through targeted techniques and exercises.

2. Improve Comprehension: Develop strategies to maintain or enhance comprehension while reading at accelerated speeds.

3. Foster Critical Thinking: Encourage critical thinking skills by engaging with diverse texts and prompts during rapid reading sessions.

4. Optimize Retention: Implement memory retention techniques to ensure effective recall of key information from high-speed reading sessions.

5. Refine Skimming and Scanning: Hone skimming and scanning abilities to efficiently extract essential information from texts within time constraints.

6. Practice Time Management: Equip participants with time management strategies to effectively allocate reading time during exams and academic assessments.

In conclusion, “AP Express: Turbocharge Your Reading Skills in Just an Hour” presents a unique opportunity for students to elevate their reading proficiency to new heights. Throughout this intensive training course, participants have gained invaluable insights into enhancing their reading speed, comprehension, critical thinking, and time management skills—all essential components for success in the demanding realm of advanced placement academics. As we wrap up this transformative journey, we encourage students to continue applying the strategies and techniques learned here, fostering a lifelong commitment to efficient and effective reading habits. We believe that the skills acquired in this course will not only serve students well in their academic pursuits but also empower them to navigate the complexities of an information-rich world with confidence and clarity. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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